The Plan for MIA Korean

Going to use the Perfectionist Path 1.0 that Matt (Matt Vs Japan) and Lucas (Yoga MIA) have now-retired – like Apple has retired the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which will not be receiving the upcoming iOS 13 upgrade.

Korean Start Date: August 31, 2019

Stage 1 – Getting Started

Stage 2 – Incubation

  • Re-read Stage 2 articles at the pace of one article a day, and after finishing, read Stage 3 articles at the same pace (ongoing)
  • Continue to immerse with audio (ongoing)
    • Going to keep getting lots of dramas with native subtitles from Netflix and other places on the Internet, to complete this step. I’ll continue to watch without subtitles – the subs are only there to make subs2srs decks with, like BritVsJapan does.
  • (Japanese only) Learn pitch accent theory
  • Through sentence mining, make an additional ~2K audio-based bilingual sentence cards.

Stage 3 – Survival Level

  • Re-read Stage 3 articles at the pace of one article a day, and after finishing, read Stage 4 articles at the same pace (ongoing)
  • Begin to immerse with written materials in addition to audio (ongoing)
  • Through sentence mining, make ~2K bilingual sentence cards, switching from audio-based to text-based cards (ongoing)
    • Will start mining from reading
  • Adopt a parent, and start shadowing (ongoing)
    • Will consider emulating the speaking style of one of the native speakers I’ve seen from the media I’ve watched at this point
  • (Japanese/Chinese/Korean) Go through Production RTK 1+3 / RTH 1+2
    • Firstly, go through RTH 1+2 rather than RTK 1+3, because Korean uses more Chinese characters (Hanja) from the former rather than the latter and never simplified the characters they used.
    • Afterwards, go through the “Basic Hanja for Educational Use” list of 1,800 characters on Wiktionary.
    • They’ll be listed in the format “[1] 家 ([2] 집 [3] 가)”, where [1] character [2] meaning [3] reading.
    • 家 is the character (hanja) for house, 집 means house in native Korean, and the hanja is read as 가 because that’s the Sino-Korean reading. An analogy with Japanese is ”[1] 家([2] いえ [3] か)”. Note that the meaning won’t always necessarily be in native Korean – sometimes a Sino-Korean word will be used instead.
    • Add the Sino-Korean readings and Korean meanings to each of your Hanja cards. If you already understand the Korean meanings, you can use them to replace the English keywords.
    • Pay attention to the 5 characters that Korean writes differently compared to Traditional Chinese and Japanese, listed in the footnotes of the same page on Wiktionary.

Stage 4 – Functional

  • Re-read Stage 4 articles at the pace of one article a day, and after finishing, read Stage 5 articles at the same pace (ongoing)
  • Continue to immerse with both audio and written materials (ongoing)
    • Will consider adjusting immersion media at this point
  • Make the Monolingual Transition
  • Begin to output (ongoing)
    • Will consider looking for people to have a conversation with in places like HelloTalk, iTalki, and Interpals at this point
  • Through sentence mining, make ~3K monolingual text-based sentence cards. This should bring you to ~10K sentence cards total
    • Will continue mining from reading

Note: I won’t touch on Stage 5 for now.

Stage 5 – Fluent to Native Level

  • Re-read Stage 5 articles at the pace of one article a day (ongoing)
  • Continue to immerse (ongoing)
  • Continue to make text-based monolingual sentence cards through sentence mining, but at a further reduced rate (ongoing)
  • Begin to make clozed/production cards to learn specific cultural knowledge (ongoing)
  • Continue to output, and get corrected (ongoing)
  • Study the history of the culture your target language is associated with
  • Study the grammar of your target language using resources meant for natives
  • (Japanese only) Study Keigo
  • (Japanese/Chinese only) Study classical Japanese/Chinese

38 thoughts on “The Plan for MIA Korean”

  1. it’s funny you mention the perfectionist path because mattvsjapan doesn’t espouse that anymore! so you should get on the balanced path which is the only path on the site. perfectionist path is not on the site.

    1. That’s fine, I’m not interesting in reading Korean stuff yet, just watching Korean dramas and closely listening for words I understand for now

      1. you should really check out his video on it. it’s undre announcemnts in his discord

      2. so you’re doing korean first? i actually started mandarin recently haha. doing subs2srs and learning about grammar sporadically

      3. I watched it the day it came out. The old perfectionist path is still well thought-out. Plus Matt said in the same video that he might be adding a “theoretical” section to the MIA website for his more experimental ideas – his idea of “listen only to your 1 chosen native speaker for an entire year” is probably going to appear there in the future.

        Nice, you’re going full circle (triangle? – Mandarin Chinese + Japanese + Korean) now lol.

      4. well i’m just dabbling in mandarin since I don’t have time to dedicate to mandarin (I just have a lot of tv shows I want to watch in japanese korean). i already know japanese, and it’s easy to get good at korean if you already know Japanese (and vice versa). mandarin is really different from koeran and japanaese… so you are doing korean first???

      5. yes, korean first. mandarin and english have kinda the same grammar, so you have a bridge already just like the one you’ve built with japanese and korean.

      6. Uh mandarin is not that similar to English.. if anything g korean or Japanese is more helpful than English

        Knowing Japanese is helpful korean, knowing French is helpful to French…etc

      7. so what drama are you watching??? i don’t watch korean dramas at all lol. they’re all annoying to me since i don’t want to listen to people argue/complain/whine when i am forced to hear that in real life.

      8. School 2017 and My First First Love, since I like the lead actresses (gugudan Sejeong and DIA Chaeyeon). I really like watching romantic comedies (unironically) 🙂

  2. question do you even like korean dramas??? do you have favorite dramas? or are you just assuming you’ll like it? as you can imagine, there’s a lot of reading/listening activities for korean that do not involve dramas.

    1. Yes, I liked Answer Me 1997, City Hunter, and Modern Farmer when I watched them 6 years ago. I’ve just had a very short attention span during that entire time so those are the only shows I got to finish.

      1. Here is this link if I never shared it with you

        It’s pretty amusing to read. Like I said before, instead of watching stuff without subs for however many hours, you’re probably better off learning about phonetics and mouth/jaw/tongue positioning etc if you’re that concerned about perfect pronunciation. I totally felt that way after watching dogen’s video series on Japanese phonetics which talks about pitch accent as well as common pit falls that English speakers fall into when it comes to not pronouncing Japanese perfectly

    1. Hey choronghi. Thanks for checking in. I’m sorry for the very late reply. I’ve currently been doing one lesson from and one hour of a TV show on Netflix with native Korean subtitles per day since May 18, 2020. I’m using the Stage 1 and 2 guides on MIA, and stopped using the perfectionist path after Matt and Yoga discontinued it.

      1. I don’t know much about Mia. Are you making anki cards??? For korean I’ve been trying to catch up on high school rapper, show me the money and other competition shows.

      2. I make Anki cards from sentences from the How to Study Korean lessons. I’m watching the Korean dramas in Netflix’s romance genre section.

      3. do you ever watch netflix with english subs or consult them?? are you rewatching stuff u already saw with eng subs?????????? or do you just watch it while only understanding x percent?????????

      4. I watch Korean shows on Netflix without any subs, English or Korean. It’s just pure active listening. I haven’t started sentence mining TV shows yet.

  3. do you plan on updating your blog? i have plans for updating my blog . just not sure when ‘ill get around to it. i have more pressing things going in my life and my priorities are straight

    1. Maybe I will, after 30 days or so of establishing a solid routine I always follow. I have a full-time job, so my time is limited by that.

      1. do you use discord? there’s a korean mia discord channel with useful files/links being shared.

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